Atalanta Introduces Table One’s Ready-to-Eat Smoked Tunas

Elizabeth, NJ—Atalanta’s globally-inspired Table One brand is proud to launch its line of ready-to-eat smoked tuna. Our wild-caught, non-GMO tuna is naturally smoked with beechwood for an exceptionally smooth and rich flavor without the chemically aftertaste of liquid smoke or other artificial smoking methods. Fully cooked and canned, they’re a flavorful grab-and-go meal or snack.

“I was blown away by the smoky flavor,” says Bob Gellert, Executive Vice President at Atalanta Corporation, “This is something very unique in the US market. We see some of this in Europe and with smoked salmon (which is not cooked in the same way and where texture might be an issue). This is a more classic option.”

Products in the line include smoked tuna in soybean oil, smoked tuna in soybean oil with lemon and oregano, and three smoked tuna blended salads that are 25%

high-protein tuna and 75% antioxidant and fiber-rich vegetables and legumes.

Plant-forward meals are in high demand, with 65% of millennial consumers open to trying more dishes that mix animal and plant proteins.1 Unlike plant-based diets, which consist solely of vegetables, grains, and other foods derived from plants, plant-forward diets are great for omnivores and flexitarians looking to consume more plant nutrients without completely cutting out animal proteins. Several plant-forward products on the market combine meat and plant ingredients, such as beef and mushroom blended burgers. Still, plant-forward seafood options are limited despite one in four consumers looking to increase their intake of seafood and shellfish.1“

Consumers are looking for healthier options,” explains Luis Brito, Business Development Manager at Atalanta, “We’ve seen an explosion of flavored, on-the-go tunas in the market, but we wanted to create a product that gives more than just the tuna. We sought to create innovative quick-and-easy meals beyond just tuna salad with mayonnaise.” Varieties of the smoked tuna blended salads include tuna with vegetables and brown lentils, tuna with vegetables and white beans, and tuna with vegetables and quinoa.

The new line is available for pre-order now as part of Atalanta’s Table One brand, which offers global flavors that appeal to younger demographics, inclusive messaging, and modern packaging.


1. Menus of Change “Plant-Forward Opportunity Report 2021, a Datassential report in collaboration with The Culinary Institute of America and the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative”