Beanitos Unveils Bold New Packaging Design and Improved Chip Recipe

BERKELEY, Calif.— Beanitos, maker of deliciously wholesome chips and puffs, all made with fresh whole beans, is going back to its roots with a vibrant and bold new packaging design celebrating its Tex-Mex heritage. The bright new bags help to connect shoppers more strongly with the brand’s origins, being founded in Austin, TX, and the American farms where the brand sources its namesake beans. The bean-based brand is also unveiling a new and improved chip recipe, resulting in lighter and crispier chips than ever before.

The rebrand features a vibrant, new color palate and Texas inspired graphics such as horseshoes, (lone) stars, cacti and a Texas-shaped barcode. The eye-catching new design is reflection of the brand’s values, culture, and bold Texan flavors that speak to millennial?consumers looking to fuel their healthy adventures. In addition, the new design shines a light on the domestic farms where Beanitos’ beans are grown through sustainable practices. Indicative of the brand’s mission to do good for people, communities and the planet, the new packaging provides more transparency and clarity to consumers on the food and the agricultural practices the brand supports.

Beanitos sources its black beans from North Dakota, Michigan and Nebraska, white beans from North Dakota and Nebraska, and pinto beans from Colorado, Nebraska and North Dakota. The beans are cooked low and slow and formed into a bean masa, which is then used to make the brand’s delicious, cantina style tortilla chips. With 4g of plant-based protein and 4g of fiber per serving, Beanitos chips and puffs are as close to the farm as chips can get.

“We’re very excited to shake up our packaging design to reflect our Tex-Mex roots,” said Sarah Wallace, Founder and CEO of The Good Bean. “This fun and vivid new look really pops on shelves, and more quickly communicates everything we stand for – celebrating the nutritional power of beans, bold Texas flavor and domestic family farms.”

Beanitos chips and puffs can be purchased at grocery stores, natural retailers, mass and club stores across the U.S and Canada, including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Sprouts, Stop & Shop, and more. They can also be purchased on Amazon.

About Beanitos

In 2010, an intrepid group of adventurers in Austin, TX invented the first-ever bean tortilla chip. From day one, Beanitos chips celebrated the nutritional power of beans, bold Texas flavor, and domestic family farms. More than a decade later, the brand continues to uphold its values, culture, and bold flavors – now with branding that showcases it Tex-Mex origins for the millennial?looking to fuel their healthy adventures!?Inspired by “farm to table” dining, the brand implements a “farm to bag” mentality. Food skips unnecessary touch points on the journey from the farm to your pantry, which benefits flavor, nutrition, and the environment. Plus, beans are considered sustainable crops, as they lock nutrients into the soil as they grow, helping to regenerate the soil for future cultivation. Beanitos is proud to support American farmers and provide accessible sources of plant-based protein to a variety of consumers. All Beanitos products are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free, corn free, nut free and egg free.