BelGioioso Cheese Plant Expansion Coming to Schenectady

Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority recently announced the BelGioioso Cheese Plant expansion, at the Glenville Business & Tech Park in Schenectady County. The Wisconsin based BelGioioso Cheese Inc., has contracted Schenectady-based LeChase Construction, to handle this project which entails renovating and converting a section of Building 403; a 120,000-square-foot vacant warehouse.

The BelGioioso Cheese Plant expansion is estimated at $6 million and will involve renovations to Building 403, which include a new 60,000 square feet cold storage room, 3,000 square feet office space, and some additional room for future developments. Building 403 is located on the site of a 40-acre former U.S. Navy depot, which BelGioioso purchased three years ago from Metroplex. It’s also in close proximity to a BelGioioso’s Glenville factory which was built in the same industrial park about 2 years ago and currently has about 50 people employed on the plant.

Metroplex Chairman, Ray Gillen spoke in support of BelGioioso’s Cheese Plant expansion project and he commended the company for maintaining its dedicated staff, and producing high quality cheeses in Glenville. Gillen pointed out that Metroplex had sold the 40 acres property at the Glenville Business & Tech Park, to BelGioioso three years ago, with the hope that the company would expand and now they were excited to see this major building renovation project coming through.  

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