Belletoile and Brie Couronne Now Available Online

Dieue-sur-Meuse, France – Fromagerie Henri Hutin, French maker of imported cheese brands Belletoile and Brie Couronne, is excited to announce the availability of its award-winning brie cheeses on

While Brie Couronne Double Crème and Belletoile Triple Crème have been sold nationwide for decates at retail locations – Belletoile Triple Crème was the first triple cream brie imported to the US in the 1960’s – today marks a new era with both cheeses accessible nationally to consumers online.

Appreciated for their high quality, Henri Hutin’s cheeses are made using only fresh premium milk from cows in the Lorraine Valley, in northeastern France, known for its agriculture and farmland, and as the region where Brie originated. Many of the same cheesemaking techniques used today are the same as they were almost 100 years ago; holding on to the tradition of artisanal craftsmanship offers flavors and textures there are sophisticated yet as simple as their origins.

“Our ingredients have remained clean and simple since the beginning: pasteurized non-GMO hormone-free cow’s milk, cream, salt, cultures, ripening molds, and rennet,” comments Christel Vibrac, Export Manager of Fromagerie Henri Hutin. “Our secret lies in the living cheese cultures, so you will notice different flavor profiles as the cheese matures, starting out fresh and mild but turning more creamy and aromatic in taste as the cheese continues to age,” continues Vibrac. “We’re excited to now have our products available online!”

About Henri Hutin

Henri Hutin began making artisanal cheese in the early 1900’s in France’s Lorraine Valley, a region in Northeastern France known for its agriculture and farmland. After the war, in 1922, Hutin expanded his family business to become Fromagerie Henri Hutin and was established as a “master cheesemaker.” Belletoile, their signature product, was first produced in 1960. Its reputation became legendary as the first triple-crème brie imported to the USA. Almost 100 years later, Fromagerie Henri Hutin continues to produce cheeses using premium quality, locally-sourced milk and holds on to the tradition of artisanal craftsmanship. Learn more at