BlockSyte Develops Blockchain Solution For Specialty Food Makers

A Nashua startup is seeking specialty food businesses to further test its cloud-hosted private blockchain solution, which the company says will bring efficiency and accountability to the supply chain.

In partnership with an Internet of Things vendor, BlockSyte places a 3-inch by 1-inch tag on pallets to record in real-time humidity, air pressure, light, orientation and temperature of products enroute to major shipping hubs. In addition to monitoring a shipment in real-time, customers can also streamline key documents and smart contracts, enabling them to cancel a contract if the shipment was not delivered properly.

“For high end artisanal products, that’s just not been possible before,” says Alan Pelz-Sharpe, CEO and co-founder of BlockSyte. “If you [the manufacturer] have contracted to move cheese to Manhattan and it hasn’t been transport properly, you can void the contract in real-time. It’s a radical transformation of supply chain practices. I don’t think our customers realize how accessible this technology is – that they can move from a high cost, inefficient, paper heavy loss damage dispute heavy system to a very streamlined and basically argument free system very quickly.”

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