Boxcarr Handmade Cheese Owers Giving Back During Covid Times

Which is a tougher task: Describing a cheese’s flavor, or making it? A quick scroll of the Boxcarr Handmade Cheese offerings unfolds like a thesaurus for food. Words like scrumptious, beer-laden, bright, lusciously-creamy, malty, warming funk and smokey goodness pair with simply displayed photos of different cheeses.

A quick chat with Dani Copeland and Austin Genke, the husband and wife team who own Boxcarr Farms and, with sister Samantha Genke operate Boxcar Handmade Cheese, and they’ll argue that the cheesemaking part might be simpler. 

“The process of making cheese is very simple,” Genke said. “It’s basically four ingredients. You have your milk, your salt, your cultures and you have your rennet. You have some flavor additives and stuff like that. The cultures that have the flavor are really what makes the cheese unique. There’s plenty of different cultures, but there’s about four major cultures that define the cheese world. It’s also the aging, temperature, time and how you cook them.”

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