Canada’s Only Cheese Master Issues Challenge to Kim Kardashian for a BLUE Christmas

TORONTO – Canada’s only Maître Fromager, Afrim Pristine, is issuing a fun challenge to Kim Kardashian: “Kim …. it’s time for a Blue [cheese] Christmas!”

Pristine is determined to convert Kardashian to the blue side and debunk the myth that people don’t like blue cheese with three bite-sized magical morsels he designed to tantalize the tastebuds of the toughest critics. 

Kim sparked a viral sensation when she was quoted saying, “These are the things I hate in life: mustard, cilantro and blue cheese.” Blue cheese lovers everywhere gasped, but Pristine saw it as a challenge to convince her otherwise.

“One of the secrets to enjoying blue cheese is how you pair it,” says Pristine“The three blue cheese bites I created are a celebration of the right flavor combinations offering low risk and high-reward; think of blue cheese as the ocean blue Kim, sometimes you have to go in knee-deep!”

Pristine used Castello’s blue cheese in his recipes because of their commitment to taste, quality and tradition for more than 125 years, which ensures Kardashian starts her blue cheese journey off right. And since they offer a variety of blue cheese types, Kardashian can choose her favorite:  

  1. Amuse ‘Blue’che: Afrim calls this the perfect pre-dessert snack: spread caramel sauce over a buttery shortbread biscuit and sprinkle with Castello Danish Blue Cheese crumble on top. “The combination of sweet and salty makes this one sing Kim!”
  2. Happy Apple Appy: This one is a winner and ideal for picky eaters, including kids! Find the half moon package of Castello’s Extra Creamy Blue: “This is blue cheese meets brie and it spreads like a dream,” says Pristine. Slather onto a crusty baguette, add prosciutto and top with slices of a honey crisp apple. Pristine added, “Kim, your kids will love this one too!”
  3. Perfect ‘Pear’ing: This features gorgonzola, the king of blue cheese. Add some gorgonzola to a slice of pear with a fig jam spread and top with a walnut. “Blue cheese and pear is like Bert and Ernie –they were made for each other,” noted Pristine. 

In addition to Pristine’s pairings above, he encourages Kardashian to sprinkle blue cheese on pizza, add it to dips or salads, and try a slice on a burger. 

“Blue cheese is so good that I literally dream about it,” Pristine said passionately. He’s shared his Blue Cheese challenge on his Instagram page @AfrimPristine and hopes Kardashian will give it a try as he’s confident he can make her a blue believer.