Caputo Cheese Presents at IFT FIRST’s Food Technology Event and Expo

Chicago, IL – Caputo Cheese (, leading manufacturer of the highest quality products and award-winning cheeses based in Chicago, is pleased to announce its innovative exhibition and presentation at IFT FIRST (Institute of Food Technologists: Food Improved by Research, Science, and Technology), the world’s leading food technology event and biggest B2B food expo. The event will take place, in-person, at McCormick Place in Chicago on July 11-13, 2022, after a two-year hiatus. As an exhibiting supplier at this dynamic event, Caputo Cheese will host guests at booth #SO418 and will present their industry insight and knowledge about cheese, as a cornerstone ingredient or as a flavorful addition, among fellow experts in food technology. 

Caputo Cheese will highlight their craftsmanship and process, commitment to research and development, new examples of innovation, and advanced technology in exploring the complexities of cheesemaking. Visitors will also have an opportunity to view the brand’s array of products, including traditional hard Italian cheese varietals as well as their award-winning fresh mozzarella cheeses–demonstrating Caputo’s authentic cheesemaking artistry, while reinforcing convenient delivery for customers.  

Our focus is understanding the customer’s needs in terms of their ultimate application. How can we create innovative solutions to better achieve outstanding product attributes our partners want to procure? This is why we choose to participate in such an essential event like IFT First,” says Natale Caputo, President of Caputo Cheese.

IFT FIRST aims to inform audiences on the three key components at work in the modern food industry: science, business, and networking. This year, Science FIRST explores the topic Hacking the Food Supply: Can We Synthesize a More Sustainable Future? In tandem, the Expo provides resources to grow and advance one’s business and career as well as vast networking opportunities for the many exhibitors and attendees at the event.

Caputo Cheese specializes in the manufacturing and processing of fine Italian cheeses, including Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, and Fresh Mozzarella. Since 1978, the Caputo family  has been crafting the finest cheeses, and the company’s award-winning products possess the quality, flavor, and consistency only high standards and family pride can produce. The brand’s Italian cheeses, hand-crafted products, artisanal style, and creative applications are  recognized around the country. Carrying on the legacy, Natale Caputo, President of Caputo 

Cheese, is gaining notoriety in the industry for modernizing the family business with his forward-looking approach, dynamic leadership, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The Caputo team engages with customers on new and relevant concepts, techniques, and innovations catering to their growing needs–one bite at a time!  The full experience is available through their website, along with foodservice and select retail stores. Caputo Cheese is also on social media – @caputocheese (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).