Cheesemonger Invitational Announces San Francisco Competition on January 19, 2020

New York, NY – The Cheesemonger Invitational will hold their annual winter cheese party and competition in San Francisco on Sunday, January 19 at The Midway (900 Marin Street).  The invitational is an all-you-can-eat evening of the best artisan cheeses and specialty foods from around the globe, and a one-of-a-kind competition amongst cheesemongers from Murray’s Cheese, Whole Foods, Harmon’s, Market Hall Foods and specialty cheese stores around the country.  This is the event’s seventh year in San Francisco.
Beginning at 4:00pm, the public is welcome to sample cheese pairing bites prepared by the competitors, using cheese and specialty products from award-winning makers including Rogue Creamery, Nettle Meadow, Firefly Farms, Smoking Goose Meats, Girl Meats Dirt Jams and many more.  In addition to endless cheese and charcuterie tables, ticket holders will also enjoy amazing cheese-focused dishes like raclette and grilled cheese.
The finals of the competition kicks off at 6:00pm, with the cheesemongers on stage competing in several tests to show off their skills to the crowd. In total, throughout the day the cheesemongers will compete in ten tests, and the scores are tabulated to determine the winner. Tests include: 

  • written test focused on the science of cheese 
  • A blind taste test to identify various cheeses
  • An aroma test of both common and unique scents 
  • cutting test to cut a perfect quarter pound of cheese
  • wrapping test to cut a perfect quarter pound in cheese paper
  • wrapping test to wrap a half wheel in plastic wrap
  • salesmanship test at a mock cheese counter while helping a customer
  • perfect beverage pairing creation to pair cheese and a beverage together
  • perfect slate with – you guessed it – an incredible presentation of cheese
  • perfect bite featuring cheese and its best-ever partners

“We are so excited to return to San Francisco and highlight the country’s best cheesemongers,”  says event founder Adam Moskowitz.  “The finals party is a thrilling, whirlwind experience where the mongers showcase their love of cheese while the guests scream MOO BAA MAA and eat to their heart’s content.”
Tickets to this winter’s event at The Midway are now available for guests 21+ by visiting, and competitors from around the country will be announced in January.  The invitational’s champion is awarded $1,000 cash and a guided trip to Europe by Columbia Cheese.  Runners up also receive trips to visit cheesemakers in Vermont, Wisconsin and New York.  In addition to the competition, the cheesemongers enjoy one free day of education learning at product-focused workshops from producers andimporters , the generous hosts of the event.  

A full list of this year’s hosts can be found online, including Cowgirl Creamery, Fromage Gruyere, Challerhocker, Vermont Creamery,  Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin , The Cellars at Jasper Hill, Columbia Cheese, Essex St Cheese and Neal’s Yard Dairy. 
About The Cheesemonger Invitational
The Cheesemonger Invitational takes place tri-annually in San Francisco in January, Chicago in April and NYC in June.  The event was created by industry veteran Adam Moskowitz to honor and inspire cheesemongers. The mongers are spotlighted in a unique competition that showcases their technical skills, encyclopedic knowledge, and passionate salesmanship.  They are given the opportunity to participate in educational workshops led by the best cheesemakers in the world and then we throw one hell of a party to celebrate the finalists, watch them compete on stage, and crown one as the best cheesemonger in the country. For more information, please visit and follow along on instagram at @thecheesemongerinvitational.