CHEVOO and Belle Chevre Garner Gold & Silver at 2022-2023 World Cheese Awards

Elkmont, Alabama – Herbes de Provence, the latest addition to CHEVOO’s iconic range of marinated goat cheeses, won Gold at the highly-esteemed World Cheese Awards in Wales on November 2, 2022. CHEVOO’s sister brand, Belle Chevre, took home a Silver award for its Greek Kiss, a fresh chèvre wrapped in brined grape leaves.

CHEVOO’s new Herbes de Provence includes a mix of herbs commonly used in French cuisine and notably found in France’s famed region, but which is an unusual flavor to find in products on American grocery shelves. After blending the classic, aromatic French culinary herbs throughout the goat cheese, the cubed chèvre is then paired with an EVOO blend that has been lightly infused with garlic for a true Mediterranean touch.

Belle Chevre’s Greek Kiss is a delectable 4-oz. fresh chèvre disc delicately wrapped in a tender, brined grape leaf, imparting a surprising hint of Greek essence to the tangy goat cheese. Greek Kiss makes a gorgeous addition to any cheese board as the creamy-colored goat cheese contrasts with the muted green grape leaf.

“Each year we are impressed by the increased level of competition at this highly regarded contest,” notes Foster McDonald, CEO and owner of the Belle Chevre company. “We are very proud of both our CHEVOO and Belle Chevre cheesemaking teams for their skill, know-how, and commitment to producing such high-quality cheeses.”

The World Cheese Awards is organized by the Guild of Fine Foods, formed in 1995. This year, the annual competition saw 4,000 cheeses, representing more than 40 countries. For a full list of awards, visit


About Belle Chevre:

Belle Chevre has been handcrafting traditional and original goat cheeses since 1989, combining time-honored European cheesemaking techniques with an innovative approach. Belle Chevre’s artisan chevre and cream cheeses are mild yet distinct in taste and texture, reflecting the care with which they are made for the contemporary cheese lover. To learn more about Belle Chevre, visit For more information on CHEVOO, visit