CHEVOO Goat Cheese Relaunches Production & Sales

Elkmont, Alabama – Award-winning goat cheese brand CHEVOO was recently acquired by Alabama-based Belle Chevre, a goat cheese producer with over thirty years of success in the category handcrafting cream cheese-style spreads, logs, and other chèvre-based products. By adding CHEVOO’s iconic range of marinated goat cheeses to its current line-up of items, Belle Chevre will expand its position in the specialty cheese section.

Unlike other marinated cheeses, CHEVOO is crafted using two infusion processes – the goat cheese is hand-blended with herbs & spices while the Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend is steeped for several weeks with crushed botanicals.

CHEVOO’s product range consists of five flavors of marinated chèvre, all sold in 4-oz glass jars:

– NEW! Herbes de Provence: After mixing the classic, aromatic French culinary herbs through the goat cheese, it is then paired with an EVOO blend that has been lightly infused with garlic.

– Smoked Salt & Rosemary: Goat cheese mixed with smoked sea salt and cracked pepper, in a rosemary-infused EVOO blend.

– Dill Pollen & Garlic: Goat cheese combined with locally harvested dill pollen, in a garlic-infused EVOO blend.

– Urfa Chili & Lemon: Goat cheese incorporated with Urfa chili peppers, marinated in a lemon-infused EVOO blend.

– Italian Black Truffle: Italian black truffles have been gently folded through the goat cheese, naturally infusing the neutral EVOO blend with the earthiness of the aromatic truffles.

When CHEVOO ceased its activities in California earlier this year, Foster McDonald – CEO and owner of Belle Chevre since 2019 – saw an opportunity to further develop his company’s offering in the artisanal goat cheese market. “As someone passionate about innovation in the goat cheese industry, I was always enamored with the CHEVOO brand,” McDonald begins. “The unique flavor combinations are a result of not only flavoring the oils, but hand-blending the goat cheese with herbs & spices, too! I think this full dimension of flavor is truly what sets CHEVOO apart.”

An entrepreneur in spirit and successful owner & operator of several businesses in his native Alabama for over 35 years, McDonald has expanded his team to include cheese industry veteran Pierre Guérin as a strategic business partner with Sales & Marketing as his primary focus.

With 25 years of expertise in the specialty food industry, Pierre has worked for CPG companies in North America and Europe, notably as President of Couturier North America, the US subsidiary of Eurial – the largest producer of goat cheese in the world. Guérin has also held various positions at Savencia and Andros (Bonne Maman) and is currently working with La Fromagerie Henri Hutin to develop its Brie sales in the US. “It’s exciting to join Foster and the Belle Chevre team for this new adventure,” states Guérin. “I’m pleased to restart a brand that has flourished for many years in a category that continues to see consistent growth.”

About Belle Chevre:

Belle Chevre has been handcrafting traditional and original goat cheeses since 1989, combining time-honored European cheesemaking techniques with an innovative approach. Belle Chevre’s artisan chevre and cream cheeses are mild yet distinct in taste and texture, reflecting the care with which they are made for the contemporary cheese lover. To learn more about Belle Chevre, visit For more information on CHEVOO, visit