Cleveland Kraut Rolls Out New Packaging, Allowing For Continued Fermentation & Reduced Carbon Footprint

Cleveland, Ohio: Following a successfully oversubscribed investment round in October, today Cleveland Kraut announced the rollout of a new standup pouch that will replace its previously used glass jars.

Available on shelves in July, the new recyclable pouches reduce carbon footprint during transport and manufacturing, while also allowing for automated production as Cleveland Kraut grows into its new 16,000 square foot facility. This automation will permit the company to service its growing list of customers more efficiently, including Wegman’s, Whole Foods, and Target. 

“With great help from the design team at InteractBoulder, we were able to distill our brand identity and make a clean transition to pouches while cementing our roots,” says Cleveland Kraut CMO Mac  Anderson. “The pouch allowed us to convey more of CK’s personality and bring more transparency to our clean ingredient profile by highlighting it up front. The pack transition was a great opportunity for us to update key features, including our Non-GMO Project badge. You will also see the pack further highlights our mission of making delicious Fermented Foods for All.”

Fred Hart, Creative Director at InteractBoulder, adds, “In a category where old-world, traditional aesthetics and messaging are the norm, we wanted to help highlight the young, energetic, service driven mentality of Cleveland Kraut. We helped bring this to life by landing on a clean, no-frills look that ladders up to the brand's mission of ensuring that everyone has access to healthy, delicious fermented foods"

The new packaging preserves the integrity of the product better than ever before, via its one-way vent that allows for natural fermentation to continue. In the past, customers and retailers found this additional fermentation problematic when the glass jars leaked or bubbled. This leaking and bubbling will no longer be an issue with the new stand-up pouches, and consumers can expect the same, delicious, crunchy, and fermented products they know and love.

Cleveland Kraut’s commitment to gut health through traditional foods with a twist has caught on amongst health-conscious customers, making it one of the nation’s fastest growing fermented food brands. The packaging transition allows the company to meet the increased demand across eCommerce and retail sales. As always, Cleveland Kraut products maintain a satisfying crunch that fans across the country have come to equate with real, high-quality food.  It is truly unlike any others on the market.

About Cleveland Kraut: Founded in 2014, Cleveland Kraut is a producer of fine fermented products led by Drew Anderson, Mac Anderson and Luke Visnic. The company is on a mission to provide delicious “Fermented Foods for All”. Currently, Cleveland Kraut produces seven SKUs, including Classic Caraway, Gnar Gnar, Roasted Garlic, Beet Red, Whiskey Dill, Curry Kraut and Cabbage & Cukes and has innovation on the near horizon.

Source: Cleveland Kraut