Consider Bardwell Farm Relaunches Production & Sales

WEST PAWLET, VT – Award-winning Consider Bardwell Farm has restarted its Vermont-based cheesemaking operations, with a focus on sustainably producing small batch, aged cow’s milk cheeses, now available for sale at retail outlets and farmer’s markets, as well as through the company’s new e-commerce shop

During the past year, Consider Bardwell Farm has not only revamped its food safety systems and protocols and made notable renovations to its production facility, the company has fine-tuned its business model and prioritized its objectives, with sustainability at the forefront of all decisions and processes.

Today, operating on a smaller scale by limiting production uniquely to cow’s milk cheese, Consider Bardwell Farm’s cheesemaker is once again handcrafting the company’s most-loved cheeses, made solely from fresh Jersey cow’s milk – recognized for its naturally sweet and creamy taste – from a neighboring farm’s single herd, including:

·      Pawlet: crafted with raw milk and aged a minimum of three months, lends a mildly sweet taste similar to an Italian-style Toma: creamy & nutty on the palate with bright grassy notes redolent of its terroir

·      Dorset: a pasteurized washed-rind cheese, now in a 3/4-lb. square format, retains its buttery, earthy complexity beneath the orange-hued exterior, evoking a hearty Taleggio or Pont L’Évêque in taste and style

·      Rupert: a raw milk, Alpine-style cheese aged beyond its usual twelve months, reveals a golden paste yielding a rich complexity of flavor with toasty and buttery notes and a hint of sharpness, similar to Comté or Gruyère

“We’re committed more than ever to crafting the best cheese possible all while acting as good stewards of the land,” begins Consider Bardwell Farm co-owner, Angela Miller. “While we initially shutdown operations in September 2019 due to a voluntary food safety recall, it was the occasion to take a step back and reassess our business with a more critical eye,” Miller continues. “Now we’re focused on producing aged Jersey cow’s milk cheeses and reaching those who really appreciate handcrafted, small batch cheese.

“As consumers’ increasingly rely on e-commerce, our new online store offers us the chance to connect directly with our customers nationwide. In addition to selling our cheeses and Consider Bardwell Farm merchandise, we’ve curated some of our other favorite local products, allowing us to support our community and share what Vermont artisan food producers have to offer.”