Costco’s Pre-made Cheese Board Labeled a ‘Total Steal’

You know that things are getting serious in the Redditverse when you’ve got more than 500 upvotes. Costco’s new premade cheese board has 891 and counting. Says one Redditor (and presumptive Costco employee), “I think most Costcos are gonna get it. I remember my supervisor saying it gonna be annoying to make.” That may be true, @Gracedboss97, but we’ll all love you for putting in the effort. 

You are probably already a fan of other Costco hits, but the clear problem with their classic pumpkin pie or spit-roasted rotisserie chicken is that they’re occasion-specific. A mouth-watering combination of good cheese, crackers, nuts, jam, and fruits, on the other hand? Eat it for breakfast. Munch on it as a mid-morning snack to impress your office colleagues. Take it along with you to picnic at the park. Serve it up to your in-laws as hors d’oeuvres to prove just how sophisticated you really are. X

Or, alternatively, use you can use this cheese board as an excuse for some one-on-one time with your special someone. Redditor @Walkinghorse did and has only good things to say: “Perfect date night nosh with the husband. The cheese is seriously delicious (heck of a deal $ wise) and I have to say that Costco has been hitting it out of the park this year with the quality of grapes and strawberries. Highly recommend!”

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