Data Monitoring at the Fresh Food Counter: Bizerba Delivers Greater Transparency

Bizerba is the leading supplier of solutions for all areas of weighing, slicing and labeling technology. Its VSP slicer offers an intelligent solution for the fresh food counter that permits the cloud-based collection and processing of data and enables all slicers to communicate with humans and with each other. Digitalization and thus the automation of all processes are also becoming more important for the food industry in order to meet the different challenges it faces.

The technology behind the VSP is based on SmarterSlicing functionality: alongside cleaning, sharpening and maintenance indicators, it also ensures transparent monitoring and central data management. The RetailControl software sends data to the back office to be analyzed and the results form the basis for process optimization – in both the preparation space as well as on the shop floor.

As a result, the VSP delivers greater control and efficiency for the entire technical setup. This gives rise to fewer hardware failures and less maintenance work, while configuration changes and updates run automatically, problems are solved directly through an intelligent troubleshooting process and no duplicate data maintenance can occur. All this ultimately results in faster service processes.

Alexander Pogacnik, Product Line Manager Food Processing at Bizerba says: “The retail industry is at the mercy of ever-expanding process chains. There is also a high throughput at fresh food counters nowadays; large numbers of staff are working at the same time and more and more machines are in use. This leads to inefficiency and technical challenges for the staff. These issues can only be countered with automation processes and can only be solved with intelligent data analysis. Our VSP gives the market a solution that enables machines to communicate with each other. In doing so, it assumes a number of processes that ultimately give rise to much faster actionability.”

As a fundamental building block for the food industry, digitalization and automation do not just boost efficiency. The discernible shortage of young skilled labor, as shown in the decline in training uptake, makes it clear that intelligent machines will play a decisive role in the future.

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