E. T. Formaggi Genuine Cossu Cheeses From Sardinia are Now at Infinite Aisle

New York – Our sister company E.T. Formaggi USA is pleased to announce the availability of our specialty cheeses at the marketplace Infinite Aisle in collaboration with SFA.

We are bringing a selection of original Pecorini and other sheep’s milk cheeses straight to your store. You can order online a combination of the products to enrich your cheese department with various flavors, and enjoy on multiple recipes. We are also showcasing some cheeses at the May SF live, come to see our showroom.

E.T. Formaggi is expression of the art of cheese making in the beautiful Sardinia island, Italy.

The ancient history of Pecorini starts in a territory famous for the abundance of sheep kept free range that can enjoy feeding among green hills with a sunny weather. The rich milk with the expert cheese mongers’ techniques of transformation allow the creation of very high quality and tasty cheeses.

The Cossu selection varies from fresh Pecorini such as the “Rugiada dei Nuraghi” to more aged Pecorini like Fiore Sardo DOP or the most known Pecorino Romano DOP. Our premium “Genuino Gold” is hand crafted, aged over 9 months, an explosion of natural aromas. Each one is a living organism with a specific flavor profile as the result of dedicated cultures and maturation period.

There are three Pecorini that have the DOP certification to guarantee these superior cheeses and the marking process of each wheel.

Please visit our website to find out all the info: www.etformaggi.com

Not an ordinary cheese, it’s a Cossu cheese!

A family tradition and passion since 4th generations. Together with our collaborators we are committed to use local natural ingredients to elevate the essence of our Formaggi, in combination with refined cheese making and artisanal crafting.

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