Ethnic Cheese: Building Workforce, Changing a Rural Economy

REESEVILLE, Wis. — The business here is cheese.

Most of it is not the typical Wisconsin fare, even in this era of Gruyeres, smoked Goudas, brie, flavored feta and those cheeses made with sheep and goat’s milk.

The vats and the 250 employees at Specialty Cheese Co. turn out paneer, considered the cheddar of India, but which does not contain rennet or salt, key ingredients in most other cheese.

The daily production schedule can also include Ackawi, a white-rind cheese native to Palestine; jibneh Arabieh, a soft white cheese popular in Egypt and the Arabian Gulf; and a long list of Hispanic fresh, hard and melting cheeses like asadero, a Mexican version of Monterey jack, and Cotija, a grating cheese used on salads, tacos and tostadas.

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