Frankenmuth Cheese Haus Unveils New Mural Depicting Traditional Bavarian Harvest Festival

FRANKENMUTH, Mich. – A new addition to the outdoor décor at the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus is a colorful mural depicting a time-honored German Fall festival and featuring the third- and fourth-generation members of the Cheese Haus family.

The mural, created by Michigan artist Kevin Burdik, is a re-creation of the Bavarian and European alpine regional festival known as Almabtrieb, translated as “Bringing Home the Cows.”

This scene is very popular in the mountain regions during September and October when farmers and their families don traditional costumes to walk their cows – festooned with flowers and bells – down the mountains from their spring and summer grazing pastures, returning to their barns. Spirited music and refreshments are part of the fun, signifying the safe return of the cattle and a successful harvest season. Over the years the Almabetrieb has become a major tourist attraction across Bavaria and Alpine Europe.

To celebrate the completion of the new mural, Frankenmuth Cheese Haus family members featured in it will be appearing at the store together on Sunday, Oct. 3 in the early evening hours for photo opportunities and to greet the public.

The Frankenmuth Cheese Haus specializes in the production and sale of imported and domestic cheese, with more than 270 varieties. Cheese Haus artisans make homemade cheese spreads including garlic, horseradish, bacon, jalapeno, smoky jalapeno, fiery jalapeno, and a creamy blue cheddar spread. In-store, the staff also creates delicious specialty flavored cheeses including chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, and blueberry cheese. These many cheese options are complemented by an abundant variety of crackers, meat, mustards/sauces, and gadgets galore. A special Cheese Haus team also runs the Cheese Trap food truck launched in the summer 2017. Learn more at