FrieslandCampina Debuts Frico Gouda Cheese Snacks

PARAMUS, N.J. — The Dutch Royal FrieslandCampina, a global dairy company expands distribution of its Frico® Gouda Cheese Snacks with the debut of Frico Grab and Go Snacks.  These delicious new products meet the growing consumer demand for better for you, on the go lunch, snacking and convenience.  The New delicious Frico Grab & Go Gouda Snacks are available in convenient 20g portions packed 8 to a bag. Frico Grab & Go Gouda Snacks makes snacking at work, at school or during travel easy, healthy and delicious.

Frico® covers a wide range of specialty imported Dutch cheeses.  The recent addition to the growing product line is the new Frico Grab & Go Gouda Snack in convenient 20g portions packed 8 to a bag. They are mild and creamy with an approachable flavor profile that appeals to cheese lovers of all ages, children included. It’s perfect for the kids or adults to take on the go seeking a healthy and delicious snack during the day. “The demand for snacks that meet the needs of today’s busy families wanting healthy and delicious snacks options continues to grow” explains Debbie Seife, Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina.  “We are introducing our delicious and creamy Gouda snacks that are loved by both kids and adults that are the perfect complement to the lunchbox or travel bag.”

Frico® cheese has been made in Holland by Frico cheesemakers for over 120 years. The cheese is crafted with care and Dutch tradition of cheesemaking with 100% fresh Dutch cow’s milk. The taste makes Frico cheese loved by all with its creamy texture and a mild flavor.  Frico offers the best creamy and delicious Gouda cheese available in easy to pack and portable on-the-go portions.

FrieslandCampina, is one of the world’s largest dairy companies and the largest producer of Gouda and Dutch Cheeses in the world. It is a company rich in heritage with a history of dairy products across the globe for over eighty years and in the U.S. for over fifty years.

Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.

Royal FrieslandCampina daily provides millions of consumers spread all over the world with dairy products containing valuable nutrients from milk. With an annual turnover of 12 billion euro, FrieslandCampina is among the largest dairy companies in the world. FrieslandCampina produces and sells consumer products, such as dairy beverages, infant nutrition, cheese and desserts, in a large number of European, Asian and African countries through its own subsidiaries. Apart from this, dairy products are exported throughout the world from the Netherlands. Products are also supplied to professional buyers, such as cream and butter products to bakeries and catering businesses in Western Europe. FrieslandCampina sells ingredients and semi-finished products for producers of infant nutrition, the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector all over the world. FrieslandCampina has locations in 34 countries with a total of 23,675 employees at the end of the year 2017. The products of FrieslandCampina find their ways to over a hundred countries. The company has its Central Office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The activities of FrieslandCampina have been divided into four global market-oriented business groups, being Consumer Dairy, Specialized Nutrition, Dairy Essentials and Ingredients. The company is fully owned by Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina U.A., which has 12,707 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world. For additional information, please visit our website: