Fromagerie Henri Hutin introduces Belletoile Semi-Soft Sliced Cheese

Dieue-sur-Meuse, France — Fromagerie Henri Hutin, creator of the excellent triple crème Brie, welcomes Belletoile Semi-Soft Sliced Cheese to the US market.

Belletoile Creamy Slices are a natural Semi-Soft Sliced Cheese made from just 3 ingredients and are certified NON GMO. The cheese is produced by Master Cheese Makers from the Lorraine region of France in the art of soft ripened cheese like Brie. They offer a unique texture with a mild satisfying taste and an incredibly creamy mouth feel.

Precision-sliced and wafer-thin, Belletoile Creamy Slices are packed in re-sealable packaging in Germany for continued freshness after opening. Belletoile Creamy Slices are versatile and perfect for sandwiches, burgers and in warm applications such as pasta or on melts.

This product launch is part of Henri Hutin’s ongoing activities for strengthening the Belletoile brand in the US and the ongoing efforts to meet the wholesale and retail customer demands for its high-quality offerings. Henri Hutin will continue to support Belletoile Triple Crème Brie and the Creamy Slices throughout the year.

The Belletoile Creamy Slices will be available to retailers and distributors starting June 2019.

Belletoile, a creation of Henri Hutin, was first produced in 1960 and quickly rose to acclaim in the world community by being the first triple crème brie exported to the United States of America. All of Belletoile cheeses contain the same premium milk from cows in the Lorraine valley, a region in Northeastern France known for its agriculture and farmland. Many of the same techniques are used today as they were almost 100 years ago, but with modern equipment. Belletoile holds on to that tradition of artisanal craftsmanship in order to bring a flavor that’s as sophisticated as its origins.

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