Golden Age Cheese Company Reopening After Disastrous Flooding

Woodhull, NY — Golden Age Cheese Company who was devastated by flooding in Woodhull back in August is reopening, according to a Facebook post on the company’s page.  

In the post, the company notes that they will be reopening their factory outlet on mill street on Wednesday, October 13th. Additionally, they say look forward to serving people again and that customers should be on the lookout for some “great cheese sales”.  

Days after disastrous flooding in Woodhull and other parts of Steuben County, pictures of the inside of Golden Age Cheese Company could be seen in various social media posts. One of the owners of Golden Age Cheese Company said he measured about 30 inches of water inside. The flooding water was so powerful it moved some of the vats which can hold thousands of gallons of milk, it also damaged pipes. They also didn’t know the condition of the boiler, a major part of the production process to make cheese. 

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