Grafton Village Cheese Introduces Covered Bridge Line

Grafton, VT – Grafton Village Cheese Company has introduced a new line of products under the Covered Bridge label. The Covered Bridge line includes mild Cheddar, Baby Swiss, and Lace cheeses and has been developed primarily for deli and foodservice accounts.

Covered Bridge Cheddar is made by Grafton Village Cheese and is offered after aging 60 to 90 days, as opposed to Grafton Village Cheese Cheddars, which age from one to four years or longer. Covered Bridge Baby Swiss and Lace are currently made elsewhere and distributed by Grafton Village Cheese. Plans are to bring production of Baby Swiss and Lace to Vermont, which will allow for national distribution of additional Vermont product and offer additional jobs and economic vitality to the state’s cheese industry.

As an affiliate of the non-profit Windham Foundation, this effort supports the Foundation’s mission of promoting Vermont’s rural communities. By encouraging and advancing the growth of Vermont’s cheesemakers, Grafton Village Cheese supports the cheesemaking industry and increases public awareness of this integral part of Vermont’s history and customs.

Source: Grafton Village Cheese Company