Grafton Village Offers Cheese Conversion

Grafton Village Cheese Co. is currently using its two production facilities to convert cheese for a variety of companies.

Current projects range from large private label manufacturing to wood smoking for small cheesemakers. Grafton Village Cheese utilizes each clients specifications, including exact or random weights as small as 4 ounce units, as well as vacuum-sealing or hand-dipping in wax. Companies that need finishing work provide their own cheese, while Grafton Village Cheese sources for others. Volume production is by the trailer load or by the case, with versatility to accommodate all sizes.

In addition, the original facility in Grafton has production capacity that may be contracted to meet manufacturers specific needs. The companys artisanal cheesemakers can provide expanded production capabilities or develop unique products to add to existing product lines.

For more information, contact Adam Mueller, president of Grafton Village Cheese, at (802) 246-2221.

Source: Grafton Village Cheese Company