Hissho Among 2018 Middle Market Leaders

Hissho has just been named #8 among the 2018 Middle Market Leaders honorees by Charlotte Business Journal. The Japanese word Hissho means “Certain Victory”: And Hissho has certainly been honored with many recognitions over their 20+ years in business.

The only Food & Beverage group in this elite list, Hissho was among many Construction finalists who were feted at the Ritz-Carlton where each Company learned their ranking.

New leadership at the Hissho helm is led by CEO Dan Beem, who brings a wealth of experience that guarantees Hissho will continue to grow. Beem wants “to sincerely thank all Hisshonians for what each does every day to make our Franchisees and Hissho more successful. The Sushi Revolution is upon us and each of you plays a vital role that will bring Certain Victory for this great company!”

In the competitive field of sushi, Hissho continues to gain ground by offering fresh, high-quality sushi to shoppers looking for convenient and delicious options. Currently surpassing 1,200 locations in 41 states, plus the District of Columbia, Hissho is focusing on sustainability and inovative ideas going forward. As Hissho moves into this new chapter, the focus is continuing to align with shoppers and our retail partners.

For more information, please see www.hisshosushi.com

Source: Hissho