How Traditional French Camembert is Made Using Raw Milk

To be called Camembert, a cheese has to weigh at least 250 grams, be 10 centimeters in diameter, and have about 22% fat content.

The iconic cheese originated in the northern French region of Normandy, where it has been made for centuries. Legend has it that it was first made in 1791 in the village of Camembert by Marie Harel, a farmer from Normandy, after a priest from Brie shared cheesemaking tips with her. Although Marie really existed, it’s probable that the cheese originated a few centuries earlier, in the 12th century. But thanks to Marie and her family after her, Camembert started to be produced on a larger scale and gained popularity.

We visited Le 5 Frères, a family-run farm in the village of Bermonville that makes Camembert following the traditional recipe using raw milk and ladles it into molds by hand.

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