IDF Cheese Science and Technology Symposium

The International Dairy Federation (FIL) Cheese Science and Technology Symposium, is presented every four years in different countries around the world. In Quebec, in June 2020, we expect 400 researchers, cheese experts and industrial representatives from over 30 countries at the event that is back in Canada after 20 years! The symposium introduces most recent research results, innovation and expertise developed in fields such as cheese microbial ecology, ripening, flavor, texture, functionality, cheese authenticity, nutrition, health, efficiency and innovation in processes.

This international symposium is also the place to discover young M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral fellows trained in dairy and cheese sciences who come to present posters of their innovative scientific research.

The Canadian national committee of the International Dairy Federation, FIL-IDF Canada, the Science and Technology Dairy Research Centre (STELA) of Université Laval, Novalait and the Cheese expertise Center (CEC) joined to present a full week of activities around cheese and dairy by adding dairy production, processing and economics. 

It is definitely an event where the stakeholders of all the dairy chain will want to be!