International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day Returns In 2018

BOSTON — From New York to New Zealand, retailers, restaurants, producers, and consumers will celebrate International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day on April 21, 2018.

In New York City, Sahadi’s will kick off the event a day early, giving visitors the chance to learn about and sample raw milk cheese—including Jumi Cheese from Switzerland—and meet Head Cheesemonger Michael Wheeler and Sam Frank, World Cheese Awards judge. On April 21, samples will be available at City Acres Market, French Cheese Board, and Zabar's.

“Food holidays are the perfect moments to learn more about what you are eating. Here is your chance to taste new cheeses made with raw milk and learn why it is our responsibility to keep this tradition alive,” said Carlos Yescas, program director of the Oldways Cheese Coalition.

Created by the Oldways Cheese Coalition, International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day offers cheese enthusiasts a chance to participate in events highlighting the distinctive cultural heritage of raw milk cheese around the world. This year, nearly 600 events across 20 countries will give consumers opportunities to:

  • Try new cheese and share with friends and family
  • Attend classes and talks to learn about the nutritional benefits of raw milk cheese
  • Visit cheese producers to see how raw milk cheese is made
  • Engage with cheese mongers to learn about their craft and ideal cheese pairings
  • Contact elected officials to encourage them to protect and promote artisanal producers

Traditional raw milk cheese-making has existed for centuries and reflects characteristics of local environments, terroir, and ?avors. Some popular styles include Gruyère AOP, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Roquefort, and American originals like award-winning Tarentaise from Springbrook Farm in Vermont. Cheese can be part of a healthy eating pattern, providing nutrients like protein and calcium, and raw milk cheese in particular has been associated with beneficial gut bacteria.

The Oldways Cheese Coalition makes it easy for everyone to participate. All planned partner events and activities are listed on its website and will be featured on social media, where everyone is encouraged to join in the cheese conversation by using the hashtag #RawCheeseDay. To get involved with International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day or learn more about joining the Oldways Cheese Coalition, please contact Yescas at

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About the Oldways Cheese Coalition
The Oldways Cheese Coalition supports the production of artisanal, raw milk, and traditional cheeses with a focus on education, advocacy, consumer outreach, and community engagement. At a time when regulatory uncertainty around the world threatens traditional production, the Oldways Cheese Coalition’s mission is to provide the public and policymakers with accurate, science-based information to ensure these cheeses are enjoyed long into the future. Learn more at

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