Introducing New Spreadable Goat Cheeses by Atalanta Brand Celebrity Goat & a Sneak Peek

Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta brand Celebrity® Goat, acclaimed makers of 100% pure Ontario goat’s milk cheese, to launch new Spreadable Goat Cheeses. Dense and creamy with a likeness to cream cheese, these consumer-oriented cheeses are tangy and distinctly goat without being overpowering.

Typically served in log form, goat cheese tends to crumble or break your cracker when spread. Celebrity® Goat’s new Spreadable Goat Cheeses fix this problem by bypassing the log shape altogether in favor of a practical tub presentation. Available in Original, Garlic Herb, and Everything Bagel flavors, this goat cheese is perfect for spreading on toast or bagels, as a dip with veggies or pretzels, folded into scrambled eggs, or as an ingredient to stuff meats like chicken and pork. Use in sweet recipes like stuffed French toast or crepes for a delightfully creamy finish.

“More and more consumers realize the health benefits of goat’s milk over traditional cow’s milk,” says Rosalie Marfuggi, Atalanta Business Development Manager, “We wanted to create an alternative to mainstays like cream cheese, and other cow’s milk flavored spreads so consumers can still have those food experiences with all the added health benefits of goat cheese and none of the extra added ingredients like gums.”

Made in Canada with 100% locally sourced goat’s milk, Celebrity® Goat’s Spreadable Goat Cheese are available in both retail and food service packs.


Rosalie Marfuggi gives us a Sneak Peek at the new Celebrity® Sheep Logs in Original and Lavender-Honey flavors. “Sheep milk is increasing in popularity due to sustained growth in Mediterranean and Italian cuisines categories. Products like feta and halloumi from Greece and pecorinos from Italy have proven to be winners in the retail space. There are also health and environmental benefits to sheep milk over cow milk, such as easier digestion, increased nutrient density, and less milk to produce the same amount of cheese. We want to join the sheep milk category uniquely by introducing soft sheep logs that combine this milk’s delicious taste and health benefits with trending flavors and the Celebrity® brand’s Famously Good attributes of quality products with purpose.”
Launching June 2022.