Introducing the Grilling Raclette Kit From Swiss Cheesemaker Mifroma

Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta is excited to announce the launch of the Grilling Raclette Kit from Mifroma, the Swiss specialist in dairy products with over fifty years of expertise in maturing and refining cheeses. This new, limited-edition product makes everyone’s favorite Swiss specialty easily accessible, bringing the excitement of Raclette to all your spring and summer gatherings.

Raclette is a Swiss staple that is as much of an experience as a delicacy. The name comes from the French word ‘racler’ meaning ‘to scrape,’ as Raclette cheese wheels are traditionally heated over an open fire before being poured over an accompanying dish of potatoes, meat, or winter root vegetables. Mifroma’s Swiss Raclette cheese is produced following traditional recipes from local cows’ creamy, pasteurized milk. A fun and crowd-pleasing meal, Raclette’s incomparable flavor is due to the rich flora of the lush Swiss countryside.

“Our goal with this item is to extend the usage of Raclette beyond the traditional method of scraping over potatoes,” explains Isabelle Schilt, Mifroma Key Account Manager. “Raclette is the perfect melting cheese and can be enjoyed on various dishes, including burgers, paninis, grilled vegetables, etc.”

This user-friendly kit includes one 7 oz package of Mifroma

Traditional Sliced Raclette and one barbeclette grill pan. The Traditional Sliced Raclette packages eliminate the need to scrape a half wheel of cheese, allowing customers to enjoy this earthy, lightly sweet cheese in smaller servings. The barbeclette pan can be used directly on a grill at an elevated summer cookout or atop a stove for an easy and adventurous cheese experience in your kitchen or backyard! 

Please get in touch with your Atalanta Sales Representative for more information on how Mifroma can help meet your needs.

ABOUT MIFROMA Mifroma has been distributing its products worldwide for 25 years, pioneering new products to fit the market’s needs. Their love for authentic flavors and respect for nature speaks to the traditional roots of cheesemaking in Switzerland as an integral part of its culture. Mifroma’s cheese wheels are patiently matured in sandstone caves carved deep into the mountainside of the Swiss villages of Ursy and Reichenbach. Their extensive selection of cheeses ranges from the finest PDOs to rare specialties found only in the Swiss mountains.