Introducing the Newest Member to the BAVA Brothers Family: Cervelatta Calabrese

LOS ANGELES — BAVA Brothers, LLC, maker of all-natural and non-GMO Sopressata and ‘Nduja, is excited to welcome the newest member of its growing family, Cervelatta Calabrese. You’ll find it and our legendary Sopressata and ‘Nduja products at and receive 15% off your entire order for a limited time.

During the travels tracing their roots in Calabria, the brothers discovered this sweet or ‘dolce’ salumi and knew it would go perfectly with their fourth generation spicy Sopressata. Soaked in white wine and flavored with peppercorns, cloves and garlic, and our characteristic fennel seeds, our Cervelatta brings a subtle sweetness when pairing with foods or including in recipes. It’s also a delicious option for friends and family who generally avoid salumi because of the heat often found in them. Like all BAVA Brothers products, Cervelatta is handcrafted with all-natural heritage pork from Iowa—free from antibiotics, added hormones and HGPs (hormone growth promotants). Herbs and spices are sourced from a California supplier that meets the highest quality standards.

At BAVA Brothers, family is celebrated because it’s the heart and soul of the company. For four generations, the Bava family has made traditional southern Italian Sopressata Calabrese. Making sopressata for the holidays and neighborhood gatherings has been a cherished tradition, bringing family and friends together for decades. Company founders and brothers, Steven and Eric Bava, are now sharing their family recipe and other Calabrian-influenced recipes with the world.

“We are especially excited to share our Cervelatta with people since it’s been a true labor of love for my brother and I. We dedicate this new product to our Aunt Rosie, our grandfather’s youngest sister and family favorite.  She was a true Calabrese – warm and welcoming with a kick in her step,” says Steven Bava, company co-founder.

Welcome to the family!

About BAVA Brothers, LLC

BAVA Brothers, LLC is a Los Angeles-based specialty food company. Founded in 2011 by brothers Steven and Eric Bava, the company produces a gourmet line of sopressata foodstuffs that are based on a family recipe from Calabria, Italy. All products are handmade in the United States, using sustainably-raised heritage pork and non-GMO, organic ingredients. For more information, go to