Jarlsberg Brand Expands Communication Platform and Advertising Campaign: Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg

DARIEN, Conn. — Jarlsberg® Cheese, the nationally recognized brand of cheese, expands its biggest ever multi-faceted advertising campaign, Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg®.

A pilot campaign debuted in 2018, focused on reaching older Millennials in New York-Metro area with digital media, engaging recipes, influencer content and more. As part of the 2018 pilot, Jarlsberg® Cheese debuted digital billboards in Times Square, coupled with a free wine and cheese Tasting Room experience at Oceana restaurant. This dynamic “out of home” experience was nominated as a Programmatic Display category finalist for the 2018 Online Media and Marketing Awards (OMMA).

Building on this success, our 2019 campaign will extend our geographic focus across the Northeast (NY Metro, NJ, PA, MD) and continue to drive awareness, consideration, and trial amongst our key target customer, the Older Millennial. It’s time more people know that Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg®!

The program brings Jarlsberg® Cheese to life by focusing on the powerful memories we build when friends and family gather around great food. From the romantic to the fun, from the memorable to the mundane, Jarlsberg® Cheese transforms meals into cherished moments. Jarlsberg’s mild, mellow versatility makes it perfect for your family’s signature cheeseboard, a gooey grilled cheese indulgence, an impressive fondue date night or just a laid-back weeknight mac’n’cheese dinner. You can make any cheese occasion better with Jarlsberg® – it’s an iconic cheese that bridges generations and taste buds. 

New creative includes a mix of indulgent recipes, everyday “food hacks,” relatable lifestyle shots, and social media-friendly videos. All center on 3 key Life’s Best Served themes: Getting Personal, Memory Making and Personalizing Experiences.

Media will build awareness with consumers – leveraging native sponsored content, paid social, pre-roll videos, influencers and more – as well as drive sales in-store with Ibotta digital coupons and in-store mobile ads. “Always on” mobile ad and paid social tactics maintains focus throughout the year on new customer acquisition and conversions, while seasonal targeting with new recipes, videos, and entertaining “food hacks” will build brand interest and loyalty.

In addition, Q4 will feature experiential, out-of-home activations at local breweries, with special Jarlsberg® tasting menus and pairing nights. By consumer demand, craft breweries are growing exponentially, bringing family and friends together for those small moments that build lasting memories – one of the pillars behind Life’s Best Served.

A microsite (http://www.Jarlsberg®.com/lifes-best-served/) serves as the heart of the campaign, where shoppers can find coupons, recipes and inspiration. Traffic will be driven by campaign media that touches all points of the consumer journey: from awareness and education to engagement and purchase intent.

“We are dedicated to creating even more compelling Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg® moments in 2019, with new markets, new experiences, and new ways to drive demand,” says Valerie Liu, Jarlsberg® Marketing Manager.

“The expansion of the LBS campaign is in line with our overall global strategy for Jarlsberg®, where we focus on simple, everyday moments that can turn into everlasting memories. Jarlsberg® gives that extra flavor to your food moments, and we believe the LBS campaign communicates this to our Baby Boomer and Millennial audiences in a compelling way. We are blurring channel borders to reach tech-savvy, experience-hungry Millennials, by mixing digital, out of home, and experiential tactics. The result truly brings Jarlsberg® to life, and we look forward to the campaign execution,” says Silje Lindborg, TINE SA International Marketing Manager.  

The campaign creative, digital elements, advertising, website and media buying is being handled by Digital Surgeons with offices in New Haven, CT and New York City.

About Jarlsberg® Cheese:

In 1956, we created Jarlsberg® Cheese, using an original Norwegian recipe. Why does Jarlsberg® cheese taste so mild, nutty and delicious? It’s all part of the legend…and Norway’s most guarded recipe! www.jarlsberg.com

About Norseland:

Norseland, Inc., owned by TINE SA, is the exclusive importer, sales and marketing agent responsible for the continued success of Jarlsberg® in the United States.

About Digital Surgeons:

Digital Surgeons is an independent connected experience design company with offices in New Haven and New York. They focus on exploring and inventing new ways for brands to reach, connect, and build relationships with their audiences across emerging communications channels. Digital Surgeons works with market and category leaders including Unilever, Sabra, Sperry, CamelBak, United States Tennis Association, and United Technologies. For more information visit www.digitalsurgeons.com.