Kikka Sushi, Partner to Whole Foods Markets, Announces the Launch of Its Plant-based Product Line, Vegan by Kikka

LOS ANGELES–Industry-leading restaurateur Tonny Soesanto, CEO of Kikka Sushi, is bringing Vegan Sushi to the masses. Kikka Sushi, a leading partner of Whole Foods Markets for over 30 years, is proud to announce the launch of Vegan Salmon and Tuna Sushi! To further Kikka Sushi’s mission to be industry-leading environmental stewards, Kikka set out on a five-year mission to create vegan products that satisfy the most discerning tastes with authentic flavors and textures. Kikka made the first investment by changing all white sugar to vegan sugar, avoiding bone char in all white rice products. Now Kikka has developed a vegan fish product which will surprise and delight all of our plant-based consumers!

Kikka’s new vegan line includes Salmon and Tuna, both made primarily out of the root vegetable Konjac (amorphophallus konjac) and Red Algae (agar). Japanese have been using the konjac root for centuries, calling it “konyaku/konniyaku” and is very common in dishes like sukiyaki in its noodle form. This new vegan fish offering is proprietary to Kikka and was created through a collaboration with Kikka Sushi’s founder and president, Tonny Soesanto, who graduated from CalTech with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, and a partner company in Japan.

Kikka Sushi is located in over 200 Whole Foods Markets nationwide. They are known for their expert chefs and only use the highest quality ingredients that align with Whole Foods Markets core values. The vegan selection at Kikka Sushi includes vegetable rolls, salad rolls and will soon include dumplings and poke. Kikka’s new vegan fish options are available in select flagship Whole Foods Markets, but all stores do have vegan options available.