LaClare Creamery Kicks off National Goat Cheese Month With 31 Fresh Goat Cheese Recipes

MALONE, Wis. – LaClare Creamery, known for its world-class goat cheeses, celebrates National Goat Cheese Month with 31 fresh goat cheese recipes for every day in August.

Celebrating goat cheese in August historically stems from when goat cheese was at its tastiest, following a full summer of goats eating fresh forage. While dairies have long mastered the art of feeding goats fresh nutrition year-round, August connects to the traditions of goat cheese production while enjoying its modern innovations—including distinctly delicious recipes.

“We are thrilled to celebrate National Goat Cheese Month and showcase our cheeses through 31 unique, innovative, yet approachable recipes designed to elevate mealtime,” said Patrick Considine, national sales director at LaClare Creamery. “Our products’ clean flavor is attributed to the freshness of our milk, entirely supplied by local Wisconsin goat herds within a 15-mile radius of our creamery.”

In addition to new recipes, LaClare Creamery is giving away free goat cheese product to lucky winners during each week in August. Contestants can visit or to enter for a chance to win.

LaClare Creamery cheeses are notorious for their delicately creamy texture and clean, tangy flavor profile. With local Wisconsin milk supply, the LaClare team collects milk every other day to ensure ultimate freshness.

In addition to their new truffle goat cheese and Snacking Chevre, LaClare produces a variety of sweet and savory flavors to satisfy any palate. The latest, Rolled Blueberry Vanilla chevre, is garnished with dried blueberries to enhance both flavor and texture for a bold experience. Other exciting flavors of their chevre line include Apple Cinnamon, Rolled Cranberry Cinnamon, Garlic and Herb, Everything Bagel Spice, Chipotle Honey, and more.

The new Snacking Chevre is perfect for on-the-go bites. These individually wrapped 1 oz. medallions provide an indulgent, yet healthy alternative to many convenience foods. The versatility of the medallions also makes them great for a variety of goat cheese recipes, like topped on a goat cheese pizza or tossed in a beet and goat cheese salad.

For additional information about artisan goat cheese products and recipes, visit the LaClare Creamery website.

About LaClare Creamery  

LaClare traces its roots back to 1978. It has positioned itself as one of the 100% domestically produced goat cheese brands in the country. Our direct and local Wisconsin milk supply lets us set the standard for goat milk dairy products with a full line of award-winning specialty cheeses and fresh fluid goat milk. The business has received numerous national and international awards for its innovative and quality products. Learn more at