M.A.D. FOODS Wins New Product sofi Award

New York, NY – Newbie brand Butter Craft Provisions edged out the competition for most delicious and innovative new Dairy Product of the year. 

Butter Craft Provisions launched Dairy and Plant-Based Butters to fill the need for clean-label, highly-flavored, and familiar condiments for everyday home cooks. Black Truffle Butter leads the line in both dairy and vegan styles. Black Truffle is hailed by Specialty Food Association (SFA) as one of just two up-and-coming flavor trends.

Black Truffle Butter was one of 130 winners selected from nearly 1,500 entries across 49 product categories. Products are judged in an anonymous sampling for taste – including flavor, appearance, texture and aroma – ingredient quality, and innovation. The awards are hosted by SFA.

M.A.D. Foods’ dairy compound butters begin with Euro-style, 82% fat butter, for its luscious mouthfeel and its knack for carrying flavors. Four time-proven varieties offer something for everyone around the table.  Two Plant-Based varieties are based on an organic, rainforest certified, non-GMO butter blend. 

“For a French guy, butter is a standard condiment,” says owner Thierry Farges. “My grand-mère loved to spike the butter with leftover black truffle bits or wild garlic, or herbs from her kitchen garden. So flavored butter is a natural for our family. Just watch what happens when a spoonful of truffle butter melts into a hot steak, whether ribeye or cauliflower. You’ll abandon ketchup and mustard on the spot.” 

NYC-based M.A.D. Foods was founded in 2015 by Thierry and Amy Farges. We elevate the healthy fats that bring joy to the palate. Inspired by our French grand-mère, truffle butters and duck fat are fine tuned for the adventurous American palate. Our goal? Gather families to cook together, eat together, and celebrate wholesome, unadulterated food every day. Tune into buttercraftprovision.com or madfoods.biz for a deep dive.