Makers of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE Celebrate National Guacamole Day with Free Guacamole for a Year for Five Lucky Winners

ORANGE, Calif. — For diehard fans of the delicious avocado-based dip, there is nothing more exciting than free guacamole on National Guacamole Day—except the thought of a year-long supply! As the nation celebrates this ubiquitous food holiday on Monday, September 16, the makers of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE, America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole made with real ingredients and hand-scooped Hass avocados, will make wishes come true for five avocado enthusiasts by offering a chance to enjoy free guacamole for an entire year.

“Today is our favorite day of the year—when guac lovers everywhere share their obsession for our favorite food and all things guacamole-related,” states Diana Pusiri, senior brand manager of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE. “Our products make it easy to enjoy the tasty goodness of real avocados without the hassle, and we’re delighted to give our fans an incredible opportunity to fulfill their cravings all year long.”

One such fan who understands why WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is key for delicious and convenient snacking all too well is Andi Dorfman, previous star of The Bachelorette and recent victim of the tricky “Avocado Hand,” the result of cutting her hand when slicing an avocado. Having survived this dangerous avocado-related injury, the reality star-turned-brand ambassador claims she is now able to exercise her unwavering dedication to the food more safely by enjoying the ready-to-eat, peel-and-serve convenience of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products.

“When it comes to easy, delicious and nutritious appetizers for entertaining, I’m all about guacamole…but, as you know, avocados and knives don’t mesh well in my kitchen,” states Dorfman. “Now I eat and serve WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE to my friends, because it’s super convenient, delicious and comes without the risk of the dreaded ‘Avocado Hand.'”

Dorfman offers a few quick hacks, including simple appetizers that feature great flavor and real ingredients, designed to please last-minute guests and wow them into thinking you’ve toiled away for hours:

  • Mini Avocado Toast Bites: I love to use WHOLLY® chunky avocado on top of mini crostinis; add a pinch of sea or garlic salt, topped with a halved cherry tomato. It’s the party version of avocado toast; easy to make and easy to eat!  
  • Cucumber Guac Bites: For those looking to skip the bread and opt for less carbs, I like to cut up some cucumbers and fill them with the WHOLLY® spicy guacamole! Add a slice of jalapeño on top and you’ve got the perfect appetizer.
  • Mini Guac Tacos: For a delicious, Mexican-inspired appetizer, simply load mini tortilla bowls with a tablespoon of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE, diced tomatoes, black beans, lettuce and shredded cheese. For some extra flavor, add your favorite salsa.

Additionally, the makers of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE are partnering with Dorfman and other notable Instagram influencers to give five lucky fans a chance to win free guacamole for a year. Anyone looking for a chance to win should check out @andi_dorfman@Costco_DoesItAgain@TargetDoesItAgain, and @walmartfinds on Instagram for full details.

WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products make it hassle-free for people to enjoy tasty guacamole anytime, anywhere. Featuring only high-quality ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavors, WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is available at retailers nationwide. To learn more about the brand, visit

WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is a brand of MegaMex Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of pre-prepared Mexican food across the country. A global leader in food safety, quality and innovation, MegaMex uses cold water pressure to seal in all the delicious flavors. In addition, each product is made with hand-scooped Hass avocados and is gluten free and kosher certified. All WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products are available nationwide in the produce or deli section of grocery stores. For more information, visit