MT VIKOS Launches Four New Products

MT VIKOS is excited to launch 4 new products this upcoming Summer 2019 that will expand upon our Greek specialty gourmet collection! 

Our Traditional and Barrel Aged Feta will soon be available preserved in brine for quality moisture content, texture and taste, with extended shelf life and consistency once opened. 

Our best-selling Traditional Feta will be offered in a multi-pack bundle of 5 Single Serve 80 calorie packs great as a convenient, protein-rich, healthy snack or salad topper. 

We are also excited to introduce a unique in the market premium Greek Yogurt and Feta Spread that is extremely versatile, great for spreading, dipping or using as a base in a variety of recipes. 

Brand Overview

MT VIKOS offers a full collection of artisan crafted Greek imports including specialty cheese and gourmet spreads that are rooted in tradition. We adhere to time honored practices that have been passed on by generations and artisan cheese making techniques to create a truly authentic line of products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification.  A leading brand for Feta cheese offering three varieties including Traditional, Organic Grass Fed and Premium Barrel Aged that uses a unique and rare technique of slowly maturing the Feta in beech tree barrels to impart rich, distinct flavor.