Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center Grantee Spotlight: Oak Knoll Rebrand

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center’s (NE-DBIC) a Dairy Marketing and Branding Services Grant Program provides funds to established value-added dairy processors in the Northeast U.S. to access professional marketing and branding services to elevate their businesses. Projects funded by this grant increase the exposure and promotion of regionally produced dairy products guided by marketing/branding professionals. Funded projects increase consumer awareness of products, develop market channels and distribution opportunities to increase product placement, support innovative strategies to increase consumption, and/or increase business revenues. 

Many farmers hope to see the value they built over their life passed on to the next generation. In some cases, farms are handed to the next generation with years of sweat equity and generational wisdom built in. In other cases, farms and brands are acquired by an outside party interested in filling the void created by the retirement of a long-time operator. The story of Bridgman Hill represents a new generation of farmers in Vermont innovating the dairy industry and continuing the legacy of multiple operations. 

Bridgman Hill Farm is a goat dairy located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, with a 500 head herd. The farm is run and owned by Ryan Andrus and Annie Rowen in partnership with Jasper Hill Farm. The couple operating the farm have 15 years of experience running goat dairies in California. In partnership with Jasper Hill, Ryan and Annie converted a vacant cow dairy in Hardwick, Vermont to meet the needs of raising, managing, and milking a herd of goats. Any excess milk is sold to Jasper Hill to be made into a variety of specialty cheeses. 

To read the rest of the story, please go to: State of Vermont Agency Of Agriculture, Food and Markets