Noteworthy Food: Gourmet Raisins Designed For Charcuterie

Raisins on the Vine are in fact much different than the raisins found in supermarkets. They’re actually black in color, shaped like teardrops, sold on their woody stem in clusters, and described as plump, meaty and very sweet because of a higher sugar content. Their labor-intensive harvesting process which includes hand-picked, washed, dried with hush-hush techniques, hand-clipped, and hand-packed to order, makes them a gourmet standout.

While the brand is still widely unknown in most households, their popularity amongst charcuterie board enthusiasts is growing.

“When you’re looking for high-quality items that are going to add texture and visual appeal, it’s all about going beyond the norm and finding something that’s truly unique. At the same time, it still has to enhance the salty and savory flavors of cured meats and aged cheeses.”

– Amanda Marshall, CMO, Mojave Gold

Raisins on the Vine are currently sold on Mojave Gold websiteAmazonand in-store at select specialty retailers.

About Mojave Gold LLC.

Mojave Gold is the creator of Raisins on the Vine, a one-of-a-kind fruit delicacy developed over decades of perfecting a unique process and technique for drying raisins naturally on the vine. Family-owned and operated, Mojave Gold has been producing this gourmet, specialty raisin since 1995. So far, domestic distribution is limited as they sell over 90% of their product to Japan where they’re served in high-end restaurants, sold in retailers, and typically paired with wine and cheese. Domestically, they’ve attracted chefs, specialty stores, select Whole Foods locations and have been featured on the Food Network. Instagram:@mojavegoldraisins Twitter: @mojavegoldllc Web: