Olli Salumeria Debuts Preservative-Free Salamini Snack Line

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Olli Salumeria leveraged the Winter Fancy Food Show to officially launch the industry’s first preservative-free salami line.

Visitors to Olli’s booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center event January 15-17 were among the first to sample Olli® Salamini and Olli® Salamini and Curds Snacks – a new line of preservative-free salami sticks that capitalizes on the growing snacking trend and the increased consumer preference for clean-label ingredients.

“As part of our ongoing mission to introduce Americans to the distinctive taste of Italian-style salami, we strive for product innovation that taps into what consumers want the most – quality, clean label products that offer convenience,” said Olli Salumeria President and Founder Oliviero Colmignoli. “With our Salamini line, we’re expanding further into the snack category while proudly introducing the industry’s first salami made entirely without preservatives.” 

Available in four unique flavor varieties, including Classic, Bourbon, Smoked and Pequin, Olli Salamini is a convenient, high-protein snack that delivers big flavor. Each 2.6-ounce package contains six individual mini salami sticks, offering a full-flavored alternative to jerky. Olli Salamini is shipping to retailers now, at a suggested retail price (SRP) of $4.99 – 5.99.

Along with four flavor varieties of Olli Salamini sticks, the Oceanside, Calif.-based company is also introducing Olli Salamini and Curds, a combination of classic mini salami sticks and cheddar cheese curds in a convenient two-compartment tray. Olli Salamini and Curds expand on the snacking possibilities of salami sticks by adding high-quality cheese in portable packaging. Olli Salamini and Curds are shipping to retailers now, at an SRP of $3.99-$4.99.

According to Colmignoli, Olli Salamini was developed specifically by Olli’s product innovation team to deliver a high-protein snack option that focuses on clean-label ingredients. 

“Consumers are snacking like never before and placing a greater emphasis on healthier snacksincluding high-protein options that are satiating and taste great. But part of that shift toward health-conscious snacking includes more awareness of ingredients. People want to easily understand the label on packaged products, which led to our development of preservative-free salami that includes only simple, quality ingredients.”

“Salamini is the latest in our growing line of authentic Italian-style salami products, so we’re excited to debut these at the Winter Fancy Food Show,” added Colmignoli. “We are anticipating major growth for Olli through 2023 as we expand our product lines, distribution and sales network, plus continue our marketing investments to fuel brand growth this year.” 

In addition to debuting the Salamini line, Olli will also be offering samples of its full suite of slow-cured salami products, including convenient Olli® Pre-sliced Salami (9 SKUs) and traditional style Olli® Chubs (11 SKUs), OIli Sliced Chubs (4 SKUs), grab-and-go Olli® Snack Packs (5 SKUs) featuring salami, high-quality cheeses and artisanal crackers and Olli® Antipasto Tray packaged charcuterie appetizers (5 SKUs).

For more information on Olli Salamini, or for sales inquiries, contact Marco Terenghi at sales@olli.com.

About Olli Salumeria

Olli Salumeria is a U.S.-based salumeria (Italian for “delicatessen”) that faithfully carries on fourth

generations of the salami-making traditions of one of Italy’s most famous salami families. Named after Oliviero Colmignoli, the grandson of cured-meat legend Ferruccio Fiorucci. who produced his first salami in 1850, Olli is driven to introducing Americans to the sweeter, less acidic taste of salami slow-cured in the Italian method. The company offers a growing line of snack packs, antipasto, pre-sliced trays, individual sticks and bulk, charcuterie-worthy salami chubs to preferred retailers, discriminating foodies, natural snack lovers and those simply wanting an authentic taste of Italy.

From state-of-the-art processing facilities in Oceanside, Calif., which Oliviero and his team selected for its Mediterranean climate, Olli combines genuine Italian recipes, curing techniques and quality with a commitment to being the first 100% preservative free Italian salami producer in America.

Olli can be found nationally at Walmart and on Amazon, at select Whole Foods locations, AlbertsonsKrogerPublix and at regional  supermarkets and specialty retailers across the country. To find an Olli retailer near you, go to www.olli.com/locate-products.

For more information on the Olli story, curing technique and products, visit www.olli.com or follow Olli Salumeria Americana on Facebook and Instagram.