Original Herkimer Cheese Launches 10oz. CHUTTER Bar

Original Herkimer Cheese launches a new 10oz. CHUTTER® bar. CHUTTER® is a soft spreadable mild cheddar cheese known for its buttery smooth texture and creamy melting ability.

The 3rd generation family-owned cheese maker touts founder Sheldon Basloe as crafting CHUTTER® in 1962. Customers immediately fell in love with the versatile product and since then it has developed an ardent fan following.

It has won numerous awards, the most prestigious and recent being a bronze medal win at the U.S. Cheese Championship in 2019.

The new 10oz. CHUTTER® bar is the perfect size for snacking, holiday entertaining and gifting. 10oz. CHUTTER® bars are available for sale now at www.originalherkimercheese.com.

You can also find many recipes on the site, including the famous CHUTTER® fondue, CHUTTER® no-bake cheesecake and more.