Plochman’s Mustard Debuts Three New Flavors At Summer Fancy Food Show 2018

When German immigrant Moritz Plochman first started making mustards in the late 1800’s, he prided himself on quality ingredients and creating the best mustards available for his customers. Now more than 150 years later, Plochman’s is taking its mustard products to a new level as they debut their newest flavors—Cranberry, Fig and “The Works”—at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

“Mr. Plochman would be amazed at how his legacy evolved over the years to produce these innovative and interesting flavors,” said Rodney Naylor, Plochman’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re doing new things here—while still maintaining our centuries-old commitment to creating must-have mustards for our customers.”

Plochman’s new Cranberry Mustard combines the tangy-tart sweetness of cranberries with its traditional spicy brown mustard. According to flavoring giant Fuch’s North America, Thanksgiving flavors are appearing more and more on seasonal menus, and cranberry flavors, inspired by cranberry sauce, are growing in popularity.

Plochman’s new Fig Mustard capitalizes on the trending flavor of fig. Firmenich Flavors predicted that fig would be the biggest flavor of 2018, and sales of fig-flavored products grew by more than 80% between 2012 and 2016. Plochman’s Fig Mustard combines its ever-popular stone ground mustard with sweet figs.

Serving ideas for the Cranberry and Fig Mustards include using them as a sweet-savory complement to turkey, ham, chicken or pork. They are also an original and lively sandwich topping and add mild sweetness to any salad dressing recipe. Both mustards are also tasty dipping sauces for sausages, chicken nuggets or even pretzels.

Both Plochman’s Cranberry and Fig Mustards are now available for retail sale in 9 oz. spoonable jars. They are also available as a holiday three-pack, paired with Plochman’s Stone Ground Mustard.

“The Works” Yellow Mustard is the third new product that Plochman’s is introducing at the Fancy Food Show.  “All the flavors of a traditional Chicago hot dog—pickle, onion, tomato and celery salt—are combined with yellow mustard in this product,” said Naylor. “It’s like having an authentic Chicago dog in a bottle.”

“The Works” is available in a 15 oz squeeze bottle for foodservice. It will debut in the retail marketplace in 2019.

About Plochman’s Mustard:

Plochman’s has been creating must-have mustards in the Chicago area since 1852. The company prides itself on its rich history and commitment to high-quality, innovative mustard flavors. Their product portfolio is available for both retail and foodservice.

Notably, Plochman’s Bourbon Mustard was named the 2018 Grand Champion of the National Mustard Museum’s World-Wide Mustard Competition.

Plochman’s is a division of HACO, a Swiss food manufacturer, and is the sister company of California-based GFF, Inc., one of the top foodservice manufacturers developing and distributing unique, high-quality salad dressings, sauces and spreads that contain no artificial colors or preservatives, saturated fats or high fructose corn syrup.

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