Raley’s Launches Refreshed Ready-To-Go-Meals In Fresh Deli Department

According to USDA data, on an average day, Americans spend 37 minutes preparing and cleaning up their meals and some say it can range up to almost 1.5 hours. However, when purchasing fast food, that preparation time decreases by 31 minutes. As the trend for convenience grows, along with the demand for healthier options outside of fast food, today Raley’s announces the expansion of their Ready-To-Go meal options (first launched in 2010) with new sizes, flavors and packaging. The new and improved Ready-To-Go program includes 32 different meals, all made with fresh, premium ingredients that can be found in the fresh deli department in grab and go displays.

The new program and meal selections were driven by trending flavors, fruits and vegetables as well as Raley’s customer favorites.  Ready-to-Go focuses on higher quality and “Better for You” options that include unique, global flavors like Chicken Fajitas (Family Meal), Moroccan Style Couscous (Mini Side) and Beef with Chimichurri Sauce (Mini Meal).

“Our customers are in for a real treat with Raley’s new Ready-To-Go meals,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s President & Chief Operating Officer. “We understand the importance of convenient, healthy food options at a value and believe our customers will enjoy the new meals, made with quality ingredients that taste great!”

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