RFA Members: National Deli Salad Month is Almost Here

The Refrigerated Foods Association is excited and proud to be involved in the fight against hunger in North America, and we encourage you to participate in our association-wide goal of donating $10,000 in July to Feeding America.  

No contribution is too small, and all efforts are greatly appreciated.  Participating companies will receive a press release template that they can customize with their own information and send to local publications for PR purposes and as a way to draw attention to the problem of hunger in our own cities and towns.  

You can access the RFA’s donation page HERE.  

One in seven Americans struggle each day to get enough to eat.  As food manufacturers, we have an opportunity and obligation to do what we can to combat hunger in our neighborhoods.  Starting with just the month of July, let’s see what we can do as a united force to attack this problem.  We invite you to participate in any way you feel comfortable:  with a monetary donation, with donations of food and/or with hands-on volunteer work with your families and companies. 

If you need help locating a local food bank, please visit the Feeding America website:  http://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank/

Thank you for your consideration.  We’ll keep you posted on what RFA is able to accomplish during Deli Salad Month!  Please direct comments or questions to the RFA Office:  678-426-8175, or info@refrigeratedfoods.org.  Let’s do this!!!!!!