Rogers Collection: Piedmont Cheeses From Cascina Fontanacervo

“My love for the Alps is so great… This passion for the mountains was handed down to me when I was just 12 years old, by an old school teacher of mine… who loved to organize trips and excursions in the open air to let us students discover the magic of the mountains”

Giovanni Crivelloowner of Cascina Fontanacervo dairy in Villastellone, Turin Italy. 

This passion for the land extended far beyond Giovanni’s adolescence. In 1978, as an adult, Giovanni and his two sisters and two brothers took over the family farm from their father and grandfather–land that has been in their family since the 17th century and farmed with traditional methods. Giovanni’s brothers manage fields on the land for animal fodder and stables. 

The Crivello siblings began to introduce important innovations with the vision of evolving the farm into a full-fledged dairy farm.

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