Rogers Collection to Sample an Extraordinary Double Montanera Jamon Iberico de Bellota from Arturo Sanchez

YARMOUTH, MAINE — The enduring legacy and passion behind Arturo Sánchez Iberico pork products dates back to the late 19th century when the family learned the basics of the dried meat trade in the Candelario mountains of Spain, the site of production for the hams and sausage of the Royal House. Later, the Arturo Sánchez family created and established their Iberian meat company in Campillo de Salvatierra. Later still, they relocated to Guijuelo (where it remains today) to nurture the vision of increased networking and communication, and to bring the best Iberian pork products to the young Spanish market. Now in its fourth generation, the family company has evolved to thrive in the contemporary market while honoring the origins of the legacy.

What Does “Doble Montanera” Mean? Most Jamón Ibérico producers send pigs to slaughter after the first winter of acorn feeding, but Arturo Sánchez Iberian pigs get two full seasons of grazing on Holm oak and cork oak acorns in the best dehesa fields (pastures) in Extremadura, north of Seville. Expert breeders tend to the pigs in the dehesa from dusk until dawn, ensuring the animals are safe and allowed to roam freely. In the second “montanera” season, the pigs are fully grown, and consuming ten times the amount of acorns than they did in the first season! All that bellota equals greater marbling of healthy fat into their fully developed muscle, giving the meat extremely high levels of healthy and flavorful oleic acid—levels surpassed only by olive oil. The antioxidant capacity is therefore almost double that of single-season acorn-fed pigs, or pigs not fed acorns at all.

A cooler arid climate equals less salt, and a longer, slower curing process! Guijuelo is at the northernmost edge of the Jamon Iberico production zone in Spain, and at 3,300 feet above sea level. Cooler temperatures allow Arturo Sanchez to salt the hams for only five days (the standard is ten) before fermenting. The hams are then hung, and naturally cured for a minimum of 48 months in open air chambers where the cold, dry wind of the Béjar and Gredos mountains work their magic.

Come taste for yourself! Please stop by the Rogers Collections booth #2051 at the Fancy Food Show from June 23-25 in New York City. We will have expert “cortadores” (carvers) slicing and giving tastes throughout the show!


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