Rovagnati Showcases Its New Paolo Rovagnati Line of Meats and New No-Nitrites Salami Line

Vineland, NJ – Industry-leading charcuterie company Rovagnati will be showcasing its brand-new Paolo Rovagnati Line of quality salumi products, including its line of nitrite-free salami, at this year’s International Dairy Deli Bakery Association show (IDDBA). Rovagnati, a proud brand committed to supporting tried-and-true Italian tradition, expands its selection with the new and luxurious line, which redefines premium deli meat. Rovagnati can be found at booth 2659, where LA-based Celebrity Chef Tommaso Iorio will be sampling the Paolo Rovagnati Line, demonstrating visual charcuterie boards, and serving exciting new recipes.

“We look forward to attendees of the show having the chance to experience just what makes Rovagnati special in the cured meats market and we thank Chef Iorio for helping to facilitate that,” says Giovanni Quattrone, CEO of Rovagnati North America. “At Rovagnati, we use only selected noble cuts of high-quality meat, and the difference is evident in the taste. This superior quality and attention to detail by our team truly distinguishes the Paolo Rovagnati line from others like it.”

Produced in Italy and sliced in the U.S., the Paolo Rovagnati Line is designed to satisfy a wide range of palates. Salami enthusiasts can enjoy the delicate flavor and fine grain of the classic Salame Milano, or the peppery flavor and coarse grain of the lean Salame Napoli. Those interested in something a bit more intense can try the Hot Soppressata, which also happens to be Italy’s most sought-after salami. Others who may be seeking a more familiar flavor can instead opt for the Classic Mortadella, a traditional cut of pork shoulder and throat that is most often recognized by its bright pink color and pearly white spots.

Fans of prosciutto can choose between the Prosciutto Crudo and the Prosciutto Cotto Classic. The former is a dry-cured ham crafted with a mere three ingredients: meat, salt, and air. The latter, also known as “Gran Biscotto,” is Rovagnati’s most beloved cooked ham in all of Italy and is made from fresh pork thighs worked by hand and slowly oven steamed. The cured products including all three Salamis and the Prosciutto Crudo are available in 3-oz. packages, and the cooked products including the Mortadella and the Prosciutto Cotto are available in 4-oz. packages.

Rovagnati debuts theno-nitrites ever salami line, including Salame Genoa, Soppressata, Hot Soppressata, and Finocciona.

Rovagnati also introduces the Paolo Rovagnati No 1. Salami Sticks,available in three flavors: Hot & Spicy, Classic Mild, and with Smoke Flavor. The salami sticks are a perfect way to enjoy this Italian tradition on the go. They are available in 2-oz. packages.

At the show, Rovagnati will be teaming up with Celebrity Chef Tommaso Iorio, who will be serving a variety of premium dishes using the Paolo Rovagnati Line of gourmet meats. These recipes will include:

  • Puff pastry shells with mortadella mousse and toasted pistachios
  • Mezze maniche pasta with spicy salame Rovagnati, tomatoes, and fresh burrata
  • Prosciutto crudo rolls with avocado, arugula, and fresh goat cheese
  • Mushroom ragu polenta with salame Milano
  • Asparagus, prosciutto crudo, and montasio cheese
  • Vintage tortellini with cream and prosciutto cotto

“I find the quality and flavor of Rovagnati’s meats to be very inspiring to me as a chef,” says Chef Iorio. “With Rovagnati, I get to blend tradition and innovation, creating culinary magic that puts smiles on faces and leaves taste buds begging for more. It’s the secret ingredient that makes each of the dishes I’ll be serving at the show a flavor-packed masterpiece.”

Since the brand’s formation, theRovagnati team has prioritized product and process quality. These values are clearly captured in the company’s approach to its supply chain, as the Rovagnati team carefully and rigorously select the meats used in their products and monitor the entire supply chain, while fully respecting the environment, people, and food safety.

Rovagnati strives to give more choices to consumers, which is why their new U.S.-produced salamis are made with an innovative “No Nitrites Ever” technology. This exclusive production method removes nitrites both of artificial and natural origin, guaranteeing a safe product and offering a healthy alternative to traditional cold cuts. The nitrite-free line of salamis includes the delectable Salame Genoa, Soppressata, Hot Soppressata, and Finocchiona. This level of care translates to the high-quality products the brand produces, with each cut designed to provide the consumer with a delectable taste experience. That same level of care has allowed Rovagnati to serve the Italian public for nearly 80 years.

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1943 by Paolo Rovagnati, the premium brand that now bears his name serves to provide a top-quality range of charcuterie that doubles as a celebration of Italian technical know-how. At Rovagnati, a combination of quality, experience, and attention to detail in raw materials translates into a mix of traditional Italian products and new items enriched by innovative flavors and technologies that make the brand stand apart.

The full Paolo Rovagnati Line rolled out to the consumer market in 2023, with packages being available in over 3,000 US stores initially and growing.

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About Chef Tommaso Iorio

LA-based Chef Iorio was born in Chianti, Italy and raised by his grandmother in the small town of Panzano, situated atop a hill in the Chianti Classico wine zone. Enveloped by the intoxicating aromas and flavors of Italian cuisine, Iorio soon found himself immersed in culinary traditions that fuel his lifelong passion for food. Iorio has embraced his passion as an adult, transforming his love for traditional cucina Toscana into a flourishing career.

He graduated from the Isituto Technico Agrario di Firenze alle Cascine in Florence before pursuing various opportunities in the hospitality and wine industry. Since then, Iorio and his wife Deana have launched Tuscany at Home, where they offer a celebrity clientele a truly immersive Tuscan dining experience from the comfort of their own homes.

About Rovagnati

Produced in Italy and sliced in the US, Rovagnati’s top-quality range of Italian charcuterie is a celebration of Italian technical know-how. The vision and competence of Founder Paolo Rovagnati led the company to become a leading player and one of the most trustworthy brands in the charcuterie market. This range of “salumi” (Italian for “charcuterie”) aims to accompany its consumers on a journey through the authentic experience of Italian tradition.

Prosciutto Cotto (cooked ham) has its own unique name: “Gran Biscotto”, the most famous and beloved cooked ham in Italy. Along with this product, there are 5 more symbols of Italian tradition: Prosciutto Crudo (dry-cured ham), Mortadella, Hot Soppressata, Salame Milano, and Salame Napoli. Rovagnati: Italian premium quality salumi since 1943.