Sartori's Mike Matucheski Receives Second Master Cheesemaker Certification

PLYMOUTH, Wis. — Sartori Cheese is proud to announce that Master Cheesemaker Mike Matucheski has received his second Master certification, gaining specialization in Fontina and Romano cheese. In April of 2011, Matucheski was awarded with his original certification as a Master in Parmesan and Asiago cheese..

Mike is a valued team member at Sartori and has been making cheese at Sartori for over 20 years. The Master Cheese Program is an advanced, three year education program for experienced cheesemakers. Master Cheesemakers are an exclusive group, and it is not an easy task to become certified. In order to apply for entry, one must have a minimum of 10 years as a licensed cheesemaker and been making the variety they wish to be certified in for a minimum of 5 years. "The program is rigorous. There's a three year apprenticeship along with an extensive written test," stated Matucheski. "And the final exam is intense. You have to intimately know all aspects of cheesemaking as well as other vital elements like sanitation and regulatory requirements."

Matucheski is one of four Master Cheesemakers at Sartori and one of only 58 active in the country. "We're very proud of the determination we've seen from Mike throughout the years; you can see that cheesemaking truly is his passion," stated 3rd generation owner and CEO, Jim Sartori. "We're proud to have him as part of the team at Sartori. It's people like Mike that contribute day in and day out to the success of Sartori cheese."

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Source: Sartori Cheese