Schuman Cheese Showcases Delicious New Flavors and Distinguished Brands at Specialty Food Association Live!

Schuman Cheese, the largest US importer of Italian cheeses, announces a slew of innovative new products that will debut at the inaugural online product marketplace, Specialty Food Association Live! September 21st-24th. Schuman Cheese, a global leader in the cheese industry with decades of experience in premium cheeses will be unveiling four new specialty products for cheese lovers to enjoy nationwide.

Two new offerings will launch under the flagship brand, Cello, pushing forward Schuman’s vision to make specialty cheese more accessible and exciting than ever. The new Cello innovations include:

  • Cello Pumpkin Spice Rubbed Fontal: Made with a perfect blend of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and a touch of honey. This newest addition to Cello’s line of award-winning Hand-Rubbed Fontals packs all the soft, creamy consistency consumers love with a spicy new twist.  
  • Cello Snack Packs: Cello Snack Packs are perfect portable pairings of the brand’s most celebrated cheeses, like the world-renowned Copper Kettle or creamy Fontal, packaged with tart, dried fruit, and roasted nuts.In addition, Schuman will be introducing two new brands to retail:
  • Margot Fromages: The third largest – and last family owned – Affineurs of Gruyère, specializing in the aging and ripening of Swiss Le Gruyère. This distinctively nutty and fruity Le Gruyère is aged from 5-12 months, beginning creamy and mild at five months, and then developing into a more complex, salty, and earthy flavor as it ages.
  • Vevan: Plant-based Vevan is all about the traditional cheese experience — minus that whole moo cow dairy thing. Vevan offers the same creamy texture and perfect gooey melt in the familiar flavors of Ched, Mozza and P’Jack – all of which are dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

“At Schuman Cheese, we have a genuine appreciation for the art of cheese making, and we pride ourselves on constantly pushing the boundaries with innovations in the specialty cheese space,” said Ian Schuman, Import Business Unit Manager at Schuman Cheese. “These latest offerings are a testament to our dedication to grow and diversify the cheese category not just in flavor, but also format and occasion.”

Each of the new products will be available and on display at SFA Live! in Schuman Cheese’s virtual showroom. For more details on the showroom, please see here.

About Schuman Cheese

Founded in New York in 1945 Schuman Cheese has grown into a highly lauded leader in the cheese industry, worldwide. For four generations the family has set the standard for integrity, excellence, and loyalty, exemplified by their premium cheeses and lasting partnerships. Today, decades since their first import, Schuman’s team of skilled cheesemakers craft their own world-class cheeses in Wisconsin, adding to their robust import business.  At Schuman Cheese, they take pride in the products offered and remain committed to the mission and values established by Arthur Schuman. Discover their distinctive cheeses and latest innovations Schuman Cheese delights in sharing at

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