Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. Introducing New 'Raw Milk Smoked Goat Cheddar' & Square Retail Packaging

Willows, CA — Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. began producing raw milk goat cheeses in 2008. Ten years later, they are considered experts with their extreme safety procedures utilized in making raw milk products. The goat milk comes from the single source dairy owned and operated by the Fumasi family just 3 miles north of the Sierra Nevada Cheese production facility. In addition, all products are certified Kosher.

The new, Raw Milk Smoked Goat Cheddar, will be introduced to the public for the first time at the 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show. Sierra Nevada Raw Milk Smoked Goat Cheddar, offers the Rich & Nutty Flavor of our award-winning Raw Milk Goat Cheddar with a balanced smoky finish. The product will be sold in 5lb. blocks and 8 oz. square pieces with a UPC, packed 12 per case.  

In addition, the Bella Capra Raw Milk Cheddar and Raw Milk Monterrey Jacques will transition from the 8oz. brick to an 8 oz square. The UPC and pack weight will remain the same.

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company strives to create the best tasting dairy products by keeping true to our own philosophy: A clean ingredient list, coupled with traditional manufacturing methods. We use only natural, wholesome ingredients and milk and cream from local Northern California producers who guarantee their product is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Additionally, our organic diary partners practice animal welfare standards outline by American Humane Association.

About Sierra Nevada Cheese Company-

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company was founded by Ben Gregersen and John Dundon. Ben’s family roots run deep in the Dairy Industry; his parents emigrated from Denmark as third generation dairy farmers and began a creamery once arriving to the United States. John’s experience in dairy started early while working at a family creamery in Mt. Shasta. He eventually worked for Ben’s family at Foothill Home Dairy in Sacramento. Ben and John became friends with a shared passion for specialty products. In 1997, the two began Sierra Nevada Cheese Company built on the idea of using traditional manufacturing processes to create wholesome dairy product with old fashioned flavor.

Source: Sierra Nevada Cheese Company