SOIGNON Wins Silver in sofi Awards

DARIEN, Conn. — SOIGNON Whipped Goat’s Milk Cheese, imported by Hudson Valley Creamery and distributed in the U.S. by Norseland, Inc., has won the silver award in the Cheese (Non cow’s milk/mixed) category as part of the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) 2021 sofi™ Awards, a top honor in the $158 billion specialty food industry.

2021 Sofi Award Winners

Soignon Whipped Goat Cheese was one of 130 winners selected from nearly 1,500 entries across 49 product categories. Products are judged in an anonymous sampling for taste – including flavor, appearance, texture, aroma, innovation and quality of ingredients.

“It is a tremendous honor to have been chosen for our first entry and we are thrilled to be recognized by the industry experts,” says Emmanuel Guillaume, Sales & Marketing director. “Soignon has recently entered the U.S. Market with this innovation which allows each consumer to create their own experience. Soignon commits on making goat cheese accessible to all occasions: our spreadable Whipped goat cheeses are part of Soignon’s unique and healthy propositions to help win the heart of the American people. Proud of our heritage, Soignon is distinctly French and this sofi™ Award is shared with its cheese-makers and Cooperative members for their everyday commitment to quality and flavor.”

Soignon Whipped Goat’s Milk Cheese spread, imported from France, is renowned for its mild and creamy flavor. An innovative aerating method achieves a delightfully light and airy texture. Apply this fresh whipped spread on fresh bread or crackers for an any-time indulgence or enjoy it on pizza, pasta or with fresh cut vegetables. This is an all-natural product with simple ingredients: pasteurized goat’s milk and goat’s milk cream, salt, enzymes.

The Soignon latest innovation of Whipped Goat Cheese, is now available throughout the United States in two flavors: Plain or Garlic & Herb. Find your newest favorite Soignon Whipped Goat Cheese in the deli section of your local supermarket.


An Iconic French brand founded in the Poitou-Charentes region of France in 1895, SOIGNON is the #1 brand of goat cheese in France and it is part of a decision-making farmers’ Cooperative. With over 125 years of traditional French cheese making experience, Soignon is globally renowned as a producer of innovative and quality goat cheeses. Its success is due to a unique expertise perfected over decades which reflects through an unequalled wide range of goat and mixed milk cheeses, the Spreadable Whips but also 40 different propositions. “From our original Salad Topper bite-sized mini logs to our appetizing crispy medallions as well as the flagship Sainte-Maure ripened logs, we create value for both retailers and consumers.”

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About Hudson Valley Creamery

Hudson Valley Creamery is the U.S. subsidiary of Eurial, France’s 2nd largest dairy co-operative which produces the Soignon brand and represents over 4,500 independent French farmers. For more than 35 years, HVC’s specialty dairy products expertise has been represented through a wide range of premium dairy brands imported from France as well as the creamiest US goat cheese which is manufactured in New York’s Hudson Valley.

About Norseland, Inc.

Norseland, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TINE SA, Norway’s largest co-operative of dairy farmers. Originally formed in 1978 to import Jarlsberg® wheels to the US, Norseland now represent a diverse portfolio of both owned and partner specialty food brands. We use traditional recipes and generations of farming knowledge to bring real food to your table. But we know 21st century food isn’t just about the taste…we aim to contribute to a global food future that is ethically produced, sustainable, and good-for-you.

About the Specialty Food Association

The Specialty Food Association (SFA), is the leading trade association and source of information about the $158.4 billion specialty food industry. Founded in 1952 in New York City, the SFA represents makers, importers, retailers, distributors, and others in the trade. The SFA is known for its Fancy Food Shows; the sofi™ Awards, which honor excellence in specialty food and beverage; Trendspotter Panel Show reports and annual predictions; the State of the Specialty Food Industry Report; the Product  Marketplace database, featuring specialty foods and beverages in 161 categories and sub-categories; Infinite Aisle, a new ecommerce marketplace that enables SFA Members to make buyer-maker connections and sales year-round; and Specialty Food LIVE!™, a digital marketplace experience.